I finished reading Horns by Joe Hill just this afternoon. It’s a horror fantasy novel about Ig Perrish, a man mourning his murdered girlfriend. He wakes up one morning to discover he’s grown a pair of demonic horns and developed strange powers.

It’s a very good read. Richly colourful, full of relationship, intrigue and small town America. Despite its fantastical premise it felt deeply real throughout. Apart, that is, for some aspects of the ending. I felt the story would’ve been stronger without the concluding explanations.  I didn’t need to know why Ig acquired his powers. Sometimes strange things just happen.





detachment-2Attachment (to ideas, people, situations, etc.) doesn´t mean “caring”, it means RESISTING what is wishing everything was the way YOU WANTED it to be. And when you resist what is you are struggling against the entire universe. And that my friend, is quite a struggle.

Instead why don´t you try something different, just once. ´Cause as good ol´ Einstein said:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Live your life for one day from the detachment perspective; and that doesn´t mean you´re not gonna care or you won´t get mad if an assface pickpockets you on the street or whatever.

It means that you have to do the work that needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals without being attached to the results. Trust the universe. Maybe you won´t get the job you really wanted. Instead of resisting that fact…

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How Helpful Are We?!

How Helpful Are We?!

Out of reflection

Hello friends!

Many of us, almost all of us know banana tree and its nature. All the parts of the tree are useful in one or the other way. Raw banana, banana fruit, its flower and stem all are edible in India.  In India, Banana leaves is also used to serve food which has medicinal properties incorporated in it which when taken is good for health. Even strands of banana tree when dried are used to tie flowers to make a garland. Banana tree even when it sheds away gives another tree nearby.

Organ Donation

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Tacloban Survived the World’s Strongest Recorded Storm, But Only Just

Tacloban Survived the World’s Strongest Recorded Storm, But Only Just


Darkness settles over the Philippine city of Tacloban and over Ameberto Atchecoso’s mind. His life, as he knew it, ended on Nov. 8 last year, when Supertyphoon Haiyan ripped through the provincial capital of the Eastern Visayas. As always, during a major typhoon, his wife left their wooden house to take shelter one of the ward’s sturdy concrete buildings, while Atchecoso stayed back to protect their belongings.

“But we weren’t prepared for the water,” he says.

In a matter of minutes, their house was flooded and sucked out towards the ocean. Ameberto was swept into the onrushing swell, but managed to regain his footing and make it to another building down the street, dodging debris flying in the air. An hour later, when the worst had passed, he found that the house where his wife had been taking shelter was completely submerged, leaving no survivors.

“Since then I can’t sleep…

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Lightning Review: Nightcrawler

Lightning Review: Nightcrawler

Drew's Movie Reviews

Nightcrawler movie posterSynopsis
Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets himself into the world of street crime journalism. He considers himself a hard-working businessman and will do anything to get the story, and a paycheck.

Before I saw Nightcrawler, I had only seen the trailer a short time beforehand. At first I had just wrote it off but I was persuaded into going to see it (it didn’t take much convincing to get me to the theater). Most of the reviews have been very positive. I don’t want to be “that guy,” but I didn’t particularly care for this movie. I’ll get the good out of the way first. Mad props to Jake Gyllenhaal because his performance was phenomenal. He completely got into the mindset of the deranged Lou Bloom. His delivery, his mannerisms, everything he did on screen was electric. I also liked how the cast was very small, allowing it…

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The Confidence Wheel


Confidence Blog by Effective Horsemanship

Here it is.  THE complete way to examine your confidence

And the basis of the future blog….  each post will be linked to the relevant parts of the wheel (sometimes more than one)  to make it easy for you to find what will make the biggest difference for you

The Confidence Wheel: how to help yourself

One of the biggest challenges in an organisation, especially when looking at capabilities, is the issue of confidence.  Personal confidence, team confidence, organisational confidence.

There are times we know we are full of ability but we don’t have the confidence to act on it…

I also see people full of confidence, but without the capability to do what they want or need to do…

How can you make sure that you have the realistic confidence needed to achieve your goals?

You can use the Confidence Wheel

Here it is, Complete Confidence in one image…..

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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?


Big Red Carpet Nursing

2010-04-06 00.57.15It’s all too easy to lose perspective, get bogged down in trivia. Distracted.

Like so many others’, my blogging started out SLOW. Not enough to say, such a teeny tiny voice. Stats page: one long cellar two years across. Just one exception: March 2013. Nearly 30 views a day! Then back downstairs. Sigh…

More trials and errors. Then, August 2014: 120 views a day! September: 490! Small for some, big for others, but progress! A trend! This month: 410. Down…

Truly, you can get obsessed with this kind of thing. Distracted.

You can forget the start of it all. You’d badly underestimated the effort involved. So badly! It’s funny in retrospect. Hence the cellar years. How many big projects got a start because someone had no idea what they were in for?

Ego craves those numbers – when they flatter. But the REASON for it all in the first place, the core, that isn’t…

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